Kawkaw is the currency for investors, gamers and gaming developers.

Kawkaw uses PoW and Proof of Play(PoP). PoP is a new way for gamers to participate in blockchain technology, simply by playing games. Until now, the minable cryptocurrency communities and gaming communities have been separated by a graphic card shortage. With Kawkaw, both these communities can come together and get a piece of the block.


A wallet is necessary for people wanting to use, trade, or hold Kawkaw. You can pick a wallet Read More

White Paper

Read our White Paper, what we did and what we will do, We often updateit, so stay tuned. Read More


On our games website you can find, rules, how it works, leaderboard and all news about project! Read More

Mining Pools

Here you can find all stats about KAW, How much you can earn daily, pools where mining and so on. Read More

Coin Specification

All infos about our coin, ports, total supply, name, ticker, halving, and rewards. Read More


We are proud that kaws started to be listed on smalls exchanges, we are working to listing it on medium exchanges.


Transactions, blocks, addresses, top 100 address, api, networks, movements and so on. Read More

Listing Directory

Kaws is listed here, the precence will grow day by day, until we reach every place needed. Read More


How to install a wallet on a vps, how to start to play games in our servers, and so on. Read More

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